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Volynkina Marina
Rector of the Institute for Teaching Human Sciences and Information Technology, Head of the Eurasian Women's Community Information Agency, Doctor of Law
Global Women Media is an independent news agency established by the Institute for Humanitarian Education and Information Technologies, a non-governmental educational institution.

It is both an officially registered media outlet and a news agency that provides materials to other media.
Since 2017, the news agency has been working under the name "Eurasian Women's Community". In early 2020, the news agency was renamed to Global Women Media.

Over the three years of operation, the portal has gained international authority, connecting women leaders from dozens of countries around the world. The new name of the portal, adopted in March 2020, is intended to reflect the new concept of global media for women who are actively changing the world for the better.

The main tasks of the portal:

coverage of the role of women in modern society;
publication of articles about women, thanks to whose activities and life position the world becomes a better place;
formation of a bank of photographs of outstanding women;
promotion of international social projects implemented by women leaders from different countries.
The portal has a unique editorial policy focusing on women creators, women leaders, women entrepreneurs. We publish materials in which we talk about the talents, achievements, activities of women, their personal qualities, life position - that the media in most cases ignore.

Portal headings:
Topics of the day
Women's news
Cooperation news
Women and power
Women and Science
Women and business
Women and industry
Women and charity
Agriculture and ecology
Women and culture
Active longevity
Women and family
Expert opinions:

History of creation

The idea of ​​creating a news agency emerged at the first Eurasian Women's Forum: it became obvious that there are many amazing socially significant projects in Russia and around the world, which, unfortunately, are not always interesting to traditional media.

Over the three years of its operation, the portal has posted more than 2000 original publications in Russian and English. The portal traffic in 2019 was more than a million people from 183 countries of the world. Geography of readers: 38% - Russia, 11% - Europe, 17% - Asia, 19% - USA. It is important for us to show the positive image of a modern woman to the whole world.

The news agency receives words of support and approval for editorial policy from around the world. The head of the portal Marina Volynkina was signed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Speaker of the Federation Council of Russia Valentina Matvienko, women leaders of many countries of the world.

About the leader

Marina Volynkina - Doctor of Law, Rector of the Institute for Humanitarian Education and Information Technologies, Founder of the International College of Arts and Communications, Head of the All-Russian portal of additional education "Gifted Children" (, Head and Creator of the Global Women Media information agency, co-founder of the community Peace 50.

“The world needs a new culture of thinking and acting, and it is impossible without the ecology of the information space. Mass media largely determine consciousness, shape the attitudes and actions of a modern person. The media should not only objectively reflect the picture of the world, but show ideas and initiatives aimed at sustainable development. That is why socially responsible, positive and motivating media are so important today ”.

Global Women Media Initiative
At the second Eurasian Women's Forum, the team of the Global Women Media information agency initiated a discussion “Media in shaping a modern image of women's leadership: information in the service of peace and sustainable development”, during which the urgency of the problem of socially responsible media around the world was revealed. As a result, an initiative was born - to create a Memorandum “Responsible Media - for Global Peace and Sustainable Development”.

Women leaders from dozens of countries around the world have joined the Memorandum.

Our motto is "Tell each other so that the whole world knows!"

We invite all organizations involved in positive transformations in various fields of activity to cooperate with information and sign the Memorandum.
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